Urban Glamour Home Decor Trends Not to miss in this Diwali

Home Decor

Diwali is approaching and ladies are trying their best to get all the preparations done in order to ring in the festive spirit.

We meet the needs of women who desire exclusivity and quality. Shamal Designs house the entire range of Home collection comprising of cotton, silk, and brocade textiles for curtain, bedcovers, tablecloths, cushions etc in over different designs and patterns.

Our products fit in perfectly with the modern sensibilities of today’s urban consumer. We live in a world that believes in all things being glamorous though subtle. Not too Gordy and not too simple always playing the ‘On Point’ trendy role.

We have 3 tips to use fabrics to make your homes look glorious and elegant this festive season :

  1. Geometric Decor –

Funky geometric designs and patterns on colourful brocade or chiffon fabrics is a win-win look for any of your play or party area. Your living area can be decorated with a fabric having zig-zag or criss-cross geometric patterns of rainbow colours and designs.

Also, you can select the fabric wallpaper having pastel colours with geometric designs. Vibrant add-on makes your area look more spacious and lively.

  1. Cranky fringes under the mirror –

Fringe trim touch gives a feeling of goodness and sporting look to your mirrors and walls. Cranky fringes are a never-ending useable idea that gives an exquisite look to your pillows, rugs, and bedsheets.

This fringes made out of silk, cotton or any other fabric can also be added as a colourful look to your home entrances. Add lights in between them to give a complete heavenly and beautiful look.

  1. Vintage glitzing –

Embroidered fabric and copper look lightening on your walls give them a posh look. This has been a trend since 90’s and is making a comeback in the modernized world. This can be added to your walls of the kitchen to make it look more energetic and modern. This expresses a person’s way of playing with the trend in an expert way.

Most of you ladies sure love to design your home in the most impeccable way. Home furnishing and trendy home decor go hand in hand. Shamal Fabrics have a variety of can change the way our house looks and make it more attractive.

Using fabrics from Shamal Design, blend them to style up your home and create magic this festive season!

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