Shine with our Varieties of Metallic Brocade Fabrics

Metallic Brocade Fabrics manufacturer in Surat

Brocades are very popular with Indian women. The fabric gives a rich and classic look to any outfit and is also used in home decor. Giving it a shimmering twist is the Metallic brocade fabrics, which are also in demand nowadays with the ladies.

This fabric uses metallic threads to create designs which add a unique style to the brocade. With metallic fibres that glitter in the light, this brocade collection is a timeless luxury. The designs for this fabric are inspired by traditional paisley and floral and checks patterns.

At, Shamal Designs, we are a brocade fabric manufacturer and hence have variety of stock of brocade fabrics in fresh colours and diverse designs.

Check out the following metallic brocade fabrics on our online store in Surat:

Cadbury Collection

As the name suggests, it is available in chocolate brown colour. It has diagonally flowing geometry pattern weaved in the brocade with chocolate brown. You can go bold with this dark and fascinating colour, shape it into a men’s shirt or women’s blazer to get the chic and formal look.


Available in gold and silver colour, the zig-zag stripes gives it a running wavy look. Baarish is the new classy fabric. It is weaved in gold metallic yarn and black polyester brocade. It is appropriate for using in dresses like blouses, tops or jackets. Use this fabric in curtains and cushion to dazzle up your home.

Rim Zim –

It’s a wonderful combination of gold, silver with beige colour. The zebra look along with its metallic yarn is very attractive. You can use it in the living room decor to create contemporary style of interiors. Or make some ravishing tops, jackets and bags from this fabric to simply show off some style.


This classy and vintage gold look fabric is woven with threads of lemon and silver. The symmetric rhythm created due to linear thread woven alternatively, creates an stunning impression of the weave. This fabric is best use for making saree blouses, saree borders, and palavs. Also it can be added in home decor and accessories for an appealing look.

Kinjal –

If you like checks, this is the fabric to opt for. These are the casual yet classic mini checks designer fabrics. The basic orange and rama weave fabric is available in colours of matte grey, rose gold and copper. It can be used for upholstery in your house. The checkered polyester fabric is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

The metallic brocade fabric with its symmetric woven threads and delicate prints, it is an eye catcher for any occasion. Time to flaunt this fabric!


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