Outfits to Wear During the Monsoon


Yes, finally it’s drizzling! It’s raining! After the long blazing months of summer, Surat city has finally witnessed its first showers. Everything around seems beautiful, the trees, the weather, the smell of the wet mud…there’s nothing more magical than feeling the raindrops on your skin.

And with the rains, outcomes your protective gear – your raincoats, and umbrellas. Some people avoid wearing their new and favorite outfits.

And it’s obvious too, because though you love the rains, it spoils your dress. What with the water splashed on your clothes, and everything gets wet and soggy under the rains.  And getting drenched in the rain is not so wonderful, if you aren’t wearing the right type of clothes.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish during the rainy season. No need to worry. We are here to guide you on some essential tips to keep in mind on what outfits to wear this monsoon and which fabrics to choose.

  • This monsoon will see a rise in demand for culottes – long shorts or half pants. They are easy and comfortable lowers to wear during monsoon season. And it can be made from varied light fabrics in either plain pastel shades or even with big print works. These can be worn with loose tops and short kurtis.
  • For a party or that date night, ladies can drop the idea of long gowns and dresses, and instead opt for knee-length skirts or ankle-length pants which can be teamed up with tops with lace and ruffles, pretty blouses, crop tops or a nice coat. Complete the look with some stylish danglers and a nice clutch and you are sure to grab eyeballs at the party.
  • For a more formal work look, it’s best to opt for dark colors like navy, blue, black and maroon. So that even if you get dirty or messy while in transit during rains, the dark shade will hide it. You can finish your look with a blazer or a warm jacket.
  • With the water trickling, it’s time to ditch your jeans, leggings and long tracks during the rains, as the lower part gets more dirty. Also give a break to your long kurtis and gowns those breezy dresses and sheer fabric tops.
  • Some of the most favored fabrics are cotton, mul and light-weight silk fabrics. Also, one should stay away from fabrics which usually tend to stick to one’s skin due to the rains. Opt for chiffons and nylons, as they dry quickly.
  • Whatever you wear, remember to never over accessorise in the rains, and definitely avoid too much makeup.

We hope these few tips will help you sail smoothly through the rain waters.

At Shamal Designs, you can choose from a variety of fabrics in different colors and prints. Opt for the right fabric and rock your look this monsoon!

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