Fab Fabrics You Need to Carve Celebrity Like Gowns

No one needs celebrity like glamorous outfits for the routine occasions. It’s only those few & far between special occasions like your engagement ceremony or an award night (to celebrate your success); which require you to walk like a celebrity. And to dazzle up that ‘once in a lifetime event’ like a star, you may get your style inspiration from the red carpet gowns worn by the celebrities.

So here’s a quick guide of some flattering fabrics you need for designing such celebrity like gowns.

Embellished Embroidery Fabric: Embroidery fabric is great fabric option to get your gown both a royal touch & an exquisite look. However, getting a graceful look with the embroidery fabric is only possible if you have an eye for choosing delicate floral or vintage artwork design (preferably on net). It adds a subtle, romantic feel to the gown.

Glamorous Georgette: Airy & delicate yet durable georgette fabric, with its sheer qualities is an ideal pick for attaching flowing, bouncy & feminine appearance to your gown. Layers/pleats of georgette material can be used to give a fanciful effect to the gowns. Springy georgette fabric is perfect choice for designing wedding reception gown and evening dresses.

Stunning Silk: Luxurious silk fabric with its sheen & splendor is one of the most cherished fabrics to design the gowns for wedding and festive season. The combo of stunning silk fabric and classic drape/wrap style is the key to getting a glamorous gown. Plus choosing silk can surely make you a showstopper at your special occasions.

Breathtaking Brocades: Elegant and stiff brocade fabric is perfect for stitching structured gown during cool winter season. Proper selection of texture design is all it takes to pick appropriate brocade fabric for your designer gown. Style your brocade gown with suitable stilettos to add extra polish to it.

Designing your gowns with these fabulous fabrics will make you believe that looking graceful isn’t really tough!


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