Enhance The Look of Your Dress by Fabricating Its Neckline With Impressive Fabrics

What do you notice first in a dress? Majority of you won’t disagree, if I say that ‘Neckline’ is a focal point of any dress. And only appropriate neckline can accentuate the look of whole dress. If you choose plain piece of fabric for stitching variety of dresses, you’ll have to make it li’l bit fancier for the occasions that require you to carry rich looking dresses.

Otherwise a plain dress may end up looking too simple or dull for particular functions. However, it is possible to make your style a statement with simple tricks. That’s why we’re sharing with you some tips to enhance the look of your dress by adding stylish necklines to it.

  1. Add stylish fabricsto front neckline of your dress: Majority of Indian ethnic dresses like salwar suit, Anarkali Suit, Indo western dresses, Blouses are relevant for adding impressive fabrics like brocadesembroidery fabricetc. to their front neckline, which ultimately uplifts the look of any dress. On the other hand, the printed fabrics may work well for the party dresses like party wear frocks & gowns. But you’ve to be selective while choosing pattern for different dresses because the neckline which goes well for a blouse may not suit the salwar kamiz design.
  2. Decorating the Back neckline with classy fabricsis great idea too: Affixing impressive fabrics like brocades to the back side of your neckline gives detailing to your dress and hence, you may try this for various Indian ethnic dresses. The photos shown here will give you better idea of how you can use this trick.
  3. General considerations:
  • Colour combination:  Nothing is more ideal than a light-dark combination. However, you may experiment with the colours closely associated with the whole dress while adding other fabrics to you neckline.
  • Type of fabrics to be used for adding fancy necklines: You have to be careful while selecting the fabric for neckline; because the shimmering fabric is ideal for adding a neckline of comparatively less shiny dress. So that it can balance the look & feel of dress.

Try considering these tips to get dazzling look this marriage season and let us know how adding fancy necklines of rich fabrics complemen

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