Design Chanliya Choli with Mirror fabric of Shamal designs

Navratri is just round the corner. And it signifies nine nights of endless music, Garba, vibrant traditional clothes and lots of fun. Everyone is gearing up for this nine day long dancing festival in their own way!

So what’s your take this Navratri? You wish to look stunning and mesmerize everyone with your charm. But are you confused? What to wear, which fabric to choose, which are the trending designs and so on.

Here is the answer to your questions. Give a sparkling twist to your chaniya choli this year! This time why not give the modern fabric a passé, and go for the original and traditional- ‘Mirror’ fabric.

Mirror Work, also known as shisha (mirror) embroidery, is a traditional art of affixing mirrors onto a fabric. This form of embroidery work originated in the 17th century in Iran, and was introduced in India during the Mughal Reign. Mirror or Sheesha is one of the most attractive heritages of India in terms of embroidery. It is considered one of the most colourful and lively embroidery as it uses a riot of colours.

In Gujarat it is also known as ‘Abhala Bharat’. Here it is particularly famous for its mirror-embellished chaniya-cholis, torans, accessories, apparel and bags and other exclusive mirror work handicrafts from the state. And ladies are especially fond of embroidery designs.

One of the most prominent Embroidery Material Manufacturer in Surat, brings you an attractive range of mirror work fabric in vibrant colours and unique designs with a classic touch. The mirror work fabric adds a shimmering effect on your chaniya cholis. So when you dance and move around to the beats of Garba, your lehengas will be flashing and glittering in the light with mirrors.

Also, Mirror work fabric, being a beautiful and heavily detailed form of Indian traditional embroidery it lends a rich and royal look to your chaniya choli. Thereby enhancing your overall appearance. The hand woven thread and mirror designs in different colours are really beautiful and very artistic. Use this fabric to design a traditional yet stylish chaniya choli and it is bound to make you stand out in the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from the exquisite range of mirror fabric as per your own specific requirement and style. Being manufacturer and wholesaler of various fabrics, you can get the best price for your entire Garba look.

Design your chaniya choli with our ‘Mirror’ fabric and you are sure to grab eye-balls!

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